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If you’re always on the lookout for ways to ensure your safety and well-being, especially when you're on the go, the FATPack, or First Aid Trauma Pack, 4x6 Small First Aid Kit is a meticulously designed, compact medical pack that's perfect for your needs.

Smart and Intuitive Design: The Gen-2 FATPack 4x6 boasts several impressive improvements. Notably, it features external built-in tourniquet holders, making immediate access to life-saving tools easier than ever. Inside, you'll find internal elastic holders thoughtfully designed to secure cylindrical items securely. Plus, adding bottom pull tabs ensures swift and effortless closure when every second counts.

Instant Accessibility: The FATPack series is all about offering maximum storage while maintaining instant accessibility. You can access your vital supplies with one intuitive downward pull, ensuring you're always ready for unexpected situations.

Perfect Size: The FATPack 4x6 measures 6 inches in height, 4.5 inches in width, and 3 inches in depth, making it the ideal size for your IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit), Blowout Kit, or any trauma-based medical kit you might need.

Organized and Efficient: Your safety is our priority. The FATPack 4x6 includes two external elastic holders designed to secure tourniquets and shears, ensuring they're always within arm's reach. Inside, high-viz ripstop pockets equipped with elastic loops can secure cylindrical items such as Epipens and airway tubes, saving you precious time in critical situations. The front flap even features a user-configurable shock cord storage ladder for added convenience.

Versatile and Easy to Carry: With a sturdy grab handle, dual #8 YKK zippers, and a reliable hook-and-loop fastener, the FATPack is easy to carry and use. It even features a loop ID panel, allowing you to display important information like blood type or other patches.

Adapt to Your Needs: The MOLLE back panel offers versatility, allowing you to attach the FATPack using MOLLE Sticks (optional) or convert it into a hook-and-loop attachment using the MOHL-Air adapter panel (optional). This versatility ensures your lifesaving gear goes wherever you go, whether it's on your backpack, belt, or even inside your vehicle.

Medical Supplies Included: The FATPack 4x6 comes fully equipped with essential medical supplies to address a wide range of emergencies:
- (2) 5x9 Trauma Dressings
- (5) 4x4 Gauze Sponges
- (5) Butterfly Bandages
- (2) Band-Aids
- (2) Triangle bandages with safety pins
- (2) Rolls of 3' cling
- (6) Alcohol pads
- (2) Triple antibiotic ointment
- (1) One-inch roll cloth tape
- (1) EMT scissors
- (4) Large non-latex gloves
- (1) Aspirin 325 - 2 tablets
- (1) Benadryl 25mg
- (6) Bite and Sting Pads

With the FATPack 4x6 Small First Aid Kit by your side, you'll have peace of mind knowing that you're always prepared to handle unexpected medical situations. Whether you're at home, on a family adventure, or simply running errands, this kit ensures you're ready to protect your loved ones at a moment's notice.

Order your FATPack 4x6 Small First Aid Kit today and make safety a top priority!