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Product Description:

Be prepared for life's unexpected twists with our Large Trauma Kit. This comprehensive kit is thoughtfully curated to provide essential medical supplies for various emergencies in your choice of either a Condor Rip-Away or Vanquest 7” x 10” bag in various colors. 

Whether you're at home, in the car, or on an outdoor adventure, this trauma first aid kit is your companion for safety. It's compact, portable, and filled with high-quality medical gear to handle everything from scrapes to major injuries as a first responder.

Features & Details:

Choose your bag: Choose between a Condor Rip-Away or Vanquest 7” x 10” bag. Available in multiple colors. 

Bag Dimensions: The Vanquest FATPack is 10” (H) x 7.5” (W) x 3.5” (D), and Condor Rip-Away is  8" (H) x 6"(W) x 3.5" (D).

Supplies Included:
(2) 5x9 Trauma Dressings
(5) 4x4 Gauze Sponges
(5) Butterfly Bandages
(2) Band-aids
(2) Triangle bandages w/ safety pins
(2) Rolls of 3' cling
(6) Alcohol pads
(2) Triple antibiotic ointment
(4) Large non-latex gloves
(1) Aspirin 325 - 2 tablets
(1) Ibuprofen 200mg - 2 tablets
(1) Tylenol 500mg - 2 tablets
(1) Benadryl 25mg
(6) Bite and Sting Pads
(1) Tourniquet
(1) 6'' Israeli Bandage Dressing
(1) CPR Shield
(1) Nasopharyngeal Airway (NPA) 28F with Lubricant
(1) Survival Blanket
(1) Compressed Gauze
(1) X-Shears
(1) Chest Seals
(2) Burn Cream
(1) Gecko Tape 

Usage Scenarios:

  • Home first aid
  • Camping backpack
  • Hunting gear 
  • Vehicle, motorcycle, or ATV 
  • High-risk work areas

Stay Prepared, Stay Safe. You never know when you will need to be the first responder.