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Celox 15g Hemostatic Granules

 Celox Granules are designed to clot blood fast. Celox Hemostatic Granules are a revolutionary hemostatic product that uses chitosan (refer to More Info tab for a detailed description). Chitosan is a highly purified polymer extracted from the shells of shrimp. Residual chitosan is metabolized into glucosamine and absorbed. Celox Products have been tested to be safe for patients with shellfish allergies

Celox is effective for people on anti-coagulants like Coumadin, Warfarin, Heparin, Plavix or Pradaxa, hemophiliacs and for hypothermic blood. The Chitosan Clotting Agent functions independently of the body's normal clotting processes and will only clot blood it comes in contact with.

Celox Hemostatic Granules can stop bleeding in minor wounds in 1 minute with compression and more serious injuries with 3 minutes compression. The First Aid Granules do not generate heat or inhibit wound healing. The hemostatic granules are easy to use. Just pour, pack and apply pressure for 1 to 3 minutes depending on wound severity.