$99.99 USD

The Skinny Medic Essentials Kit is a compact and highly efficient first aid kit, designed to provide you with the essential tools needed to handle emergencies with confidence. Enclosed in a resealable, heavy mil plastic pouch, this kit ensures that all the critical supplies remain protected, organized, and easily accessible when you need them the most.

Supplies included in this vacuum-sealed kit:

Gen 7 C-A-T Tourniquet: The kit includes the highly trusted Gen 7 C-A-T Tourniquet, an indispensable tool for controlling severe bleeding in emergencies with its rapid application and reliable performance.

6" Responder Trauma Dressing: This trauma dressing is specifically designed to provide quick and effective coverage for large wounds and injuries. It's easy-to-use design ensures you can apply pressure and protect the wound efficiently.

NAR Compressed Gauze: The two included NAR Compressed Gauze rolls are essential for wound packing and dressing. They are sterile, absorbent, and perfect for managing bleeding in critical situations.

Hyfin Compact Twin Pack: The Hyfin Compact Twin Pack consists of two vented chest seals, which are vital for treating open chest wounds and preventing further complications. These seals adhere securely and create a controlled environment for the injured person.

28 NPA Airway: The kit includes a Nasopharyngeal Airway (NPA), designed to maintain a patent airway in cases of unconsciousness or airway obstruction. The NPA is crucial for ensuring adequate breathing during emergencies.

Emergency Blanket: The emergency blanket provides warmth and insulation, shielding patients from hypothermia and adverse weather conditions. Its compact size makes it easy to carry and deploy when needed.

Bear Claw Nitrile Gloves Pair Large: These durable nitrile gloves offer excellent protection from bodily fluids and potential infections. The large size ensures a comfortable fit for most users, allowing you to administer care hygienically.

Benchmade 7 Hook Cutter: The Benchmade 7 Hook Cutter is a specialized tool for cutting through tough materials like clothing, seat belts, or cords in emergency situations. Its safe design minimizes the risk of injury to the patient during use.

The Skinny Medic Essentials Kit is expertly crafted to equip you with the necessary tools to respond effectively to trauma and life-threatening incidents. Whether you're a first responder, outdoor enthusiast, or a responsible individual preparing for the unexpected, this kit is a must-have for your safety and peace of mind.

Size & Weight: 7” x 10”, 16.4 oz