Vaseline Dressing Xeroform Petrolatum Dressing 5x9

Vaseline Dressing Xeroform Petrolatum Dressing 5x9

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This unique gauze dressing effectively protects the wound from contamination using white petrolatum. Non-stick, sterile

Perfect for an occlusive dressing for injuries such as "sucking chest" wounds.

Xeroform Petrolatum Dressings

Medicated to prevent infection of wound site

  • Sterile, fine mesh gauze impregnated with a blend of Petrolatum, Bismuth thiophanate, mineral oil, and Paraffin oil
  • Non-adherent to the wound site
  • Maintains moist wound environment
  • Non-occlusive primary dressing, allowing the flow of exudate away from wound site into a secondary dressing
  • Indicated for use on minimally draining wounds, including surgical incisions, lacerations, donor sites and burns
  • 5" x 9"