Trauma is more than gun shot wounds!

Dietrich Easter

Every time I make a post or do a video about gun shot wounds the view and comments are up! People are searching and want to be prepared for an active shooter or an accident at the range. BUT there is more to trauma than gun shot wounds. You have car accidents, falls, or even like my friend discovered, chain saw accidents!


The easiest thing to do is to prevent injuries! Wearing safety glasses, helmet, and chaps are a must! However having the right medical gear is super important as well! 

Lucky for my friend he missed all arteries, ligaments, tendons, and bones. This could have been a life threatening injury! 

A simple pressure bandage would have been great for treating this type of injury! 

HOWEVER if you have major bleeding that you can not control with direct pressure the game plan should be a tourniquet. You can see in the first picture that my friend tried to make one with his belt just above the injury. An improvised tourniquet shouldn't be your plan A!