Knockoff CAT Tourniquets

Dietrich Easter

I see ads all the time for "CAT Tourniquets" on Facebook and Instagram. These TOYS are not real tourniquets and can fail under stress.



The REAL CAT Tourniquets are made in America. The knockoffs are made in China. When put under stress the windlass and/or buckle will break. They are brought into the US marked as toys. They were first produced for the airsoft community but now have spread into other markets.

You are can find the fakes on eBay and Amazon as well. 

Checking the back plate is an easy way to see if yours is fake. This is an example of a fake CAT.

Expect to pay $27 - $39 for the genuine product. If you are paying less than $20, it is a near certainty that you are purchasing a counterfeit.

More information here:

We are a direct distributor for NAR and resell their CAT.