$200.00 USD

Skinny Medic Trauma Class

When: October 8th 9am - 5pm

Where: Elljean Baptist Church 605 Elljean Rd, Easley, SC 29640

We will provide pizza for lunch!

This class is for civilian students that understand the world is a dangerous place. Medical skills are imperative to round out an individual skill set. Whether reacting to a household accident, the aftermath of an active killer incident, bombing or other traumatic incident we will ensure that you are prepared to react. This is not a basic first aid class and only covers traumatic injuries and treatments.
*This class is not for those with weak stomachs. Disturbing videos and imagery are used.

Situational treatment strategies and phases of care.
How to obtain vital signs
Medical protocols
How to assess and treat symptoms common in traumatic injuries, such as:
Massive hemorrhaging
Head Injury / Hypothermia
Proper application of tourniquets.
Wound packing Discussion and recommendations for trauma kits
The class consists of lecture, practical exercises and scenario train where students will put their skills into mock practice on fellow classmates and instructors.
The class is non-refundable. I can offer you a credit back to MGO.