$59.99 USD

Combat Midwife OB Kit

Birth happens! Why not be prepared? This all encompassing OB kit gives you everything you need to be prepared for a grid down scenario, austere environment or keep in the back of the car for that ‘just in case moment” when your wife is due. OB Kit includes everything needed to safely and successfully deliver a baby in any environment  as well as after care items for baby and mom.


12) OB Pads
1) Bio Bag
1) De Lee 10FR
2) Plastic Cord Clamps
4) 23x36 Underpads
1) Peri Cold Pack
1) Support Guide
1) Disposable Postpartum Underwear
1) Infant Hat
2) Emesis Bags
1) Umbilical Shears
1) Peri Bottle
1) Infant Blanket
1) Quilted Blanket 38in x 36in
1) Deluxe Kleenprint Footprinter
1) Certificate Of Live Birth
1) Measuring Tape

Dimensions: 13x10x7